(Only for those who have received Vajrakilaya Empowerment. Please bring your own Vajrakilaya sadhana.)

Date : 3rd March 2011, Thursday (Tibetan 29th)
Time : 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Venue : Dri Thubten Dargye Ling @ Blk 803 King George's Ave #02-250

~ Sponsorship for Vajrakilaya Puja & Practice:
Jasmine Flowers, Tsok & Tealight Offering - $10/set
(Participant can bring home or offer at centre)


Date : 5th March 2011, Saturday
Time : 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
Venue : Dri Thubten Dargye Ling

Programme highlights:
* Khatag Offerings to His Holinesses & His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche Lamp Offering Prayer
* Lord Jigten Sumgon & H. E. Garchen Rinpoche Guru Yoga Practice
* Auspicious food and butter tea for all friends.
* Free lunch for all participants.

~ Sponsorship for Losar Celebration
Auspicious Lamp Offering - $5 / $10 / $15 each

Sponsorship Registration Details for (A) & (B):
1) Personal registration at Dri Thubten Dargye Ling
2) Registration Form is available at www.dargye-ling.com
3) Email to admin@dargye-ling.com

For more details, please refer to website: http://www.dargye-ling.com/ or Call 96907015 / 92382832


Offering light, in particular, is a special door of dependent arising to quickly complete the accumulation of merit and receive blessings. It is said in the Second Chapter of the Root Tantra of Chakrasamvara manifestation of Shakyamuni Buddha), "If you wish for sublime realization, offer hundreds of lights". The lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance. As expounded by Lord Buddha in the Sutra of Clarifying Karma, making lamp offerings would also allow one to receive great enjoyment of wealth, to be reborn in the deva or human realm, and to swiftly attain liberation and enlightenment.

Year 2011 Auspicious Mother Lamp Offering is now OPEN for Sponsorship:
A) Member
会员: S$80

B) Non-Member
非会员: S$100

1) Personal registration at Dri Thubten Dargye Ling
2) Registration Form is available at www.dargye-ling.com. Email completed registration form to admin@dargye-ling.com.

For more details, please refer to website: http://www.dargye-ling.com/.
For enquiry, please call 81472157 between 7pm to 9pm daily or email admin@dargye-ling.com.


1) White Tara Mantra Tracing after Sunday Puja
After our Medicine Buddha, White Tara and Cherenzig Puja on Sunday, we have included White Tara Mantra Tracing as part of the activity. Do participate in this 30 minutes activity to accumulate merits for yourself and for mother sentient beings. All White Tara Mantra written will contributes towards our Mani Wheel Project.

2) Community Outreach Programme

The method to eliminate all sufferings is to have loving kindness and compassion. If one can help sentient beings to generate loving kindness and compassion, this is the true method to eliminate their pain and sufferings.


Volunteering offers you an opportunity to make meaningful contribution to your environment or community. In return for contributing your time and labor, volunteer work can be a rewarding and life-changing activity. Regardless of your age or occupation, volunteer work can bring significant changes to your life.

Activities include Cleaning of Dharma Centre, reaching out to the needy folks in our society, etc.

Volunteer Requirements:
* Be 16 years of age or older.
* Be able to commit at least 2 hours a month
* Be discreet with confidential information
* Be reliable and responsible

If you are interested to join us in helping the needy and to accumulate merits for yourself, please contact Sally Tan at 9238 2832 or Summer Goh at 8147 2157.

You are also welcome to contribute (unexpired) food items, basic necessities, tonics to the elderly. We do not accept monetary contribution in the meantime.

3) Eight Precepts Day

The eight precepts of an Upasaka – Vows to be observed by vow holder for a day
1. Abstain from Taking Life
2. Abstain from Taking that which is not given
3. Abstain from Sexual Activity (including kissing your partner and holding of your partner’s hand)
4. Abstain from incorrect speech (i.e. lying, gossiping, slandering, making divisive speech)
5. Abstain from Taking Intoxicants (i.e. beer, wine, smoking)
6. Abstain from eating at forbidden time (i.e., after noon. Drinking of water, milo or coffee are permitted. Participants must also abstain from eating meat, garlic, onion, torma offering to Ghost or Worldly Deities.
7. Abstain from dancing, singing, listening to music, going to see entertainments, wearing garlands, using perfumes, and beautifying the body with cosmetics and ornaments.
8. Abstain from Seating on high and luxurious chairs and beds. (i.e. Both legs must touch the ground when we sit on the chair or bed)

The practice of precepts aids one to cultivate mindfulness, truthfulness, compassion, contentment, etc. The objective of observing the eight precepts for a day is to withdrawn from this material and sensual world to cultivate spiritual development, self-training and peace of mind and also to purify the sins and obscurations of our Body, Speech and Mind.

- This event will commence on the Tibetan 15th of every month in our Centre, at 8.00am sharp in the morning (except Saturday and Sunday). Participants will observe the eight precepts for a day till 8am the following day. Our resident teacher, Ven. Dorzin K.C. Dhondup, will preside over this ceremony.

- Participants are required to gather at our Centre by 7.30am and to bring offerings such as fruits and biscuits to offer to the Triple Gem. After taking the eight precepts, participants can leave and observe the eight precepts on their own.
- Participants are encouraged to maintain Bodhicitta in their mind throughout the time they observe the eight precepts, i.e. undertaking and observing the eight Precepts to gain Enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. In addition, participants are encouraged to do dedication after observing the eight precepts for a day.

*** Interested participants can contact Summer Goh @ 8147 2157 for registration a week before the event. Interested participants can also choose to undertake the eight precepts at other day of their conveniences.


* Refuge Taking in the Triple Gem

* Blessing Services for Special Occasions (New House/ Office/ Birthday/ Wedding/ etc)

* Chanting Services (Phowa or Chenrezig) for the Dying or Deceased @ Home or in Hospital

Special Puja (Short/ Long) for various occasions
    - Medicine Buddha Puja for the sick
    - White Tara Puja for Prosperity in Businesses and for Long Life
    - Dharma Protector (Mahakala ) Puja for clearing of obstacles

* All Chanting services and Pujas will be led by resident teacher, Ven. Dorzin K.C. Dhondup.

Contact Summer Goh @ 81472157 for enquiries and arrangement.